Pandemic Proof Your Business
'Pandemic Proofing' - it's a thing. Here are 8 ways you can set yourself up for success in the event of the unforeseen.
Murphy For America! (And help with Data Protection....)
Murphy is a patriotic pup, but he also knows that data protection is important. Watch as Rick McCumber and Murphy talk about how to protect your data, and hear some of Murphy's campaign promises too.
What is a Managed Firewall? And more importantly, Do I Really Need One?
What's the difference between a regular firewall appliance and a managed firewall? Do I need a cloud or managed firewall for my business?
Businesses Decide to Keep Remote Work Strategy
Coronavirus has impacted the way we all work, and in the future many businesses are choosing to keep a hybrid or complete remote work environment! Kevin Kelly discusses what this will mean for Western NY business owners.
Remote Work Tool Kit
I-Evolve’s Remote Work Tool Kit allows business customers to securely enable their workforce to be productive from anywhere, at any time from anyplace.
Rick and Murphy tell some jokes.
Murphy's a funny dog! Listen to Murphy tell a few jokes, and Rick share a helpful tip regarding data security that you can use today.
Rick and Murphy discuss Murphy's favorite topic: COOKIES!
Computer moving slower than you'd like? Watch as Rick and Murphy share tips to speed things up.
Murphy's Phishing Tips
Rick and Murphy share a quick tip about Phishing