Remote Work Tool Kit

Wednesday, June 17th

I-Evolve’s Remote Work Tool Kit allows business customers to securely enable their workforce to be productive from anywhere, at any time from anyplace.

"What's in the Kit?"  ...glad you asked.

i-VServer – Your server infrastructure securely housed in I-Evolves cloud Managed Datacenter.  

i-VDesktop – Allow employees to access work desktops in the cloud.

i-Communicate G3 VoIP Softphone – With a simple USB headset, add your phone extension to your desktop.  No need for a physical phone!

i-Communicate G3 Mobile Go App - Add your phone extension to any Android or IOS device.

i-Comply G3 Remote VPN – Securely connect remote workers to your critical data.

If you are considering continuing a remote work strategy or enhancing what you already have in place, contact your Account Executive today or e-mail us at