Data loss resulting from cyber-attacks is one of the greatest threats facing businesses today.  It's why having a network perimeter security solution in place is critical to any information security program.

I-Evolve's i-ComplyG4 is an innovative network firewall system that forms the foundation necessary to protect your business data, network and critical assets from external intruders and threats. 

Unfortunately, many businesses continue to be challenged by the management of in-house security solutions due to the heavy technical burdens and lack of skilled internal security personnel.  I-Evolve's i-ComplyG4 is a proven managed firewall solution that is uniquely designed to address all the complexities associated with the deployment, management, and ongoing threat monitoring of enterprise firewalls.

Product Features

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Stateful Firewall - tracks the operating state and characteristics of network traffic.

Multi-WAN Failover and Policy Based Routing – configure multiple Internet connection to share the traffic load, or add a redundant  Internet connection to the i-ComplyG4 to achieve a higher  reliability network connection.

Scalable – i-ComplyG4 is right sized for your usage and needs.
i-ComplyG4 can accommodate growth as needed.

Configuration Backups - backups of configuration changes are safely stored offsite in I-Evolve’s secure cloud.

Monitoring – alerting and escalation alerting are included.

Replacement Hardware – I-Evolve maintains stock replacement hardware in the event of an onsite hardware failure.

Site to Site VPN – IPSEC and SSL capabilities.

Remote Access VPN – IPSEC, SSL, Two factor authentication.

Next-gen Intrusion Prevention System - Provides advanced protection from all types of modern attacks. It goes beyond traditional server and network resources to protect users and apps on the network as well.

Advanced Threat Protection - Instant identification and immediate response to today’s most sophisticated attacks. Multi-layered protection identifies threats, instantly provides an emergency response.

Advanced VPN technologies - Adds unique and simple VPN technologies, including our clientless HTML5 self-service portal that makes remote access incredibly simple.

Powerful user and group web policy - Provides enterprise-level Secure Web Gateway policy controls to easily manage sophisticated user and group web controls.

Advanced Web Threat Protection - i-ComplyG4's advanced engine provides the ultimate protection from today’s polymorphic and obfuscated web threats. Innovative techniques like JavaScript emulation, behavioral analysis, and origin reputation help keep your network safe.

Layer-8 Application Control and QoS - Enables user-aware visibility and control over thousands of applications with granular policy and traffic-shaping (QoS) options based on application category, risk, and other characteristics.

Executive Summary Reports – Internet and web content usage statistics based on user or machine.

Xstream Application Acceleration - A significant portion of your network traffic is trusted business application traffic destined for branch offices, remote users, or cloud application servers. As such, no additional security scanning for threats or malware is needed, and it can be intelligently directed to the FastPath, reducing latency, optimizing overall performance, and freeing up capacity for traffic that does need deep packet inspection.  
Dynamic Sandboxing - The ultimate in affordable protection by analyzing suspicious files in a safe cloud environment using the latest technology from Intercept X.  
Labs Intelligence - Powered by deep learning, we identify new and zero-day threats before they get on your network.  
Synchronized SD-WAN - Leverages the 100% application visibility and control that Synchronized Security provides to make reliable SD-WAN path selection and routing decisions.  
Xstream Network FastPath - Automatic and policy based intelligent offloading of trusted traffic processing at wire speed.  
Xstream DPI Engine - Deep packet threat protection in a single streaming engine for AV, IPS, Web, App control, and TLS Inspection.  
Xstream TLS Inspection (Additional configuration required) – Industry leading performance, flexibility, and transparency into all the encrypted traffic on your network.  
Flexible core - i-ComplyG4 Xstream Flow Processors are programmable. This allows us to extend the offload capabilities in future software releases, providing additional performance improvements, even for things like crypto processes.  
Dual Processor Architecture - i-ComplyG4 Series appliances combines a multi-core x86 CPU with a dedicated Xstream Flow Processor for application acceleration. Xstream Flow Processors are Network Processing Units (NPUs) which now add a hardware layer FastPath to extend the Xstream architecture.  
DNS Protection - It works to instantly block access to unsafe and unwanted domains across all ports, protocols, and applications at the earliest opportunity. A globally accessible domain name resolution service with integrated policy controls and centralized reporting.  
MDR Dynamic Threat Feeds – When paired with i-Protect MDR, provides the ability to push real-time threat feeds based on live network traffic.  


i-Secure WiFi: Wi-Fi Add On

i-Secure Wi-Fi is a security system that extends the capabilities of your firewall to the wireless access points all without the complexity of additional management consoles, vendors or licenses.  i-Secure Wi-Fi and I-Evolve’s i-ComplyG4 managed firewall service works from the endpoint to the edge to secure the connected mobile world.

i-Secure Wi-Fi Feature Highlights

  • Wireless management via i-ComplyG4 managed router/firewall which includes automatic firmware and security patching to the Wi-Fi access points.
  • Active Directory integration for wireless authentication.
  • Extend firewall protection to the access point level to protect your network from wirelessly generated malicious data traffic.
  • Proactive access point monitoring
  • Rogue access point detection

i-ComplyG4 Benefits

  • No expensive hardware costs or
    capital investment.
  • Simplified security management.
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • 24x7 monitoring.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Scalable to meet your organization’s

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