The 100% Uptime Solution To Keep Your Business Running

i-Standby is an integrated backup and disaster recovery solution that addresses the multiple requirements of the backup, disaster recovery and business continuity needs of your business. The i-Standby appliance is installed at your location, replicates your data and then sends that replicated data to our secure data center. In the event of a hardware failure at your facility, you can run off of the backups in our secure facility while your hardware is restored. 

i-Standby features a simple "set-it and forget-it" replication process that keeps your snapshots up-to-date in multiple locations. With just a few simple configuration steps, you can be assured that your data is secure even during events of hardware failure or system corruption.

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If you need 100% uptime to run your business, i-Standby is the answer!

Highly Scaleable And Efficient Data Backup

A major advantage of i-Standby is that it scales for speed by automatically "turning on" as many core CPUs as are needed to handle workload peaks. It also scales for data capacity with ultra-efficient block-level incremental-forever backups that are data-deduplicated across all the servers on your network.

This results in:

  • Line-speed user access to applications: Feel free to schedule as many simultaneous backups as you like even during peak work hours because backup jobs never get in the way of full speed production environments, even if your network runs at 10 gbit/sec.
  • More efficient disk storage: i-Standby keeps your storage footprint small whether your storage environment is small or large;  moreover, Exabyte-level scalability easily meets the needs of Big Data environments.

Rapid Recovery From Nearly Any Point In Time

Achieve near-zero application recovery time objectives (RTO). Choose to recover from any one of up to 288 recovery points a day for Windows to practically eliminate the potential for data loss.


Comprehensive Data Off-siting, Fail-over, Fail-back

i-Standby builds in WAN-optimized, deduplication aware replication for off-siting backup data to public or private clouds.

Data seeding is available for sites with slow or highly latent links. A virtual standby function creates and maintains an up-to date virtual standby clone of a production server as of the last snapshot. Fail-Over and Fail-Back allows your secondary site or a managed service provider site to recover instances from replicated machines and immediately commence protection on the failed-over machines, and then fail back when the problem is solved.

Unified User Interface

You can protect a few or a few thousand machines from any Web browser. i-Standby features a web-based management console that is compatible with industry-standard browsers on laptops, tablets and notebooks. You can manage your data protection responsibilities and solve problems from any location with an Internet connection.

Protection For Your Most Visible IT Resources

Microsoft Exchange Server is a keystone of your company’s communications strategy and when it goes down, everyone – users, customers and partners included – will know. No business can afford to let that happen. i-Standby is Microsoft-aware backup and recovery designed specifically to keep your Microsoft Exchange Environment up and running, minimizing downtime. 

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Business Benefits

  • Save time – Automate and monitor
    your backup progress in a seconds.
  • Faster recovery – Restoring backed
    up server images as well as data files.
  • Protect your data – Files are
    encrypted using a passphrase that only
    you know. Failed tapes and bad hard
    drive sectors are no longer a threat.
  • Self-service tools – Recover lost
    or deleted files from any Internet
    connected computer.


  • Rapid recovery in minutes.
  • Built-in virtualization software that provides a Standby Server if an onsite server fails.
  • Replication of backup images to offsite locations.
  • Verification and re-verification of backup images.
  • Features that enable recovering a single email, mailbox, file or database.
  • 24x7 monitoring.

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