If you need maximum uptime to run your business, i-Standby is the answer

I-Evolve's i-Standby is a backup and disaster recovery solution addressing the multiple requirements of backup, disaster recovery and business continuity needs of your business. The i-Standby appliance is installed at your location, onsite ready to use. The replicated data is then encrypted and sent to I-Evolve's Secure Cloud as well as replicated to our Global Cloud Provider. In the event of a hardware failure at your facility, you can access your data from the onsite i-Standby appliance or the replicated data in the cloud while your hardware is restored.

i-Standby features a simple set-it-and-forget-it replication process that keeps your snapshots up-to-date in multiple locations. With just a few simple configuration steps, you can be assured that your data is safe in case of hardware failure, malicious activity, or system corruption.

3-2-1 Backup Strategy

Highly Scalable, Efficient Backup

i-Standby scales for data capacity with block-level incremental backups that are deduplicated across all the servers on your network. This results in more efficient disk storage – i-Standby keeps your storage footprint small with deduplication and compression.

i-Standby builds in WAN- optimized, deduplication-aware replication for off siting backup data to I-Evolve's Secure Cloud and our Global Cloud Provider. NOTE: Data seeding is available for sites with slow or highly latent links but we strongly recommend scaling your internet correctly to aid in data replication.

  • Ransomware Mitigation
  • Boot-Ready in Minutes
  • Field Upgradeable Appliance
  • DR Testing
  • Automated Failback


  • Immutable backups
  • Built-in virtualization software that provides a standby server if an onsite server fails.
  • Replication of backup images to offsite locations.
  • Verification and re-verification of backup images.
  • Features that enable recovering a single email, mailbox, file, or database.
  • 24x7 monitoring.

Business Benefits

Immutable Storage Backup– Immutability is a solution that prevents data deletion or modification from stored backups.

  • Backup copies are stored with immutability, protecting them from deletion or encryption should a hacker gain access to systems.

3-2-1-1 Backup Strategy

  • Three copies of your data.
  • Data on two separate media.
  • One location for your data is off-site.
  • One copy of your data is immutable.

Recovery – Restore backed up server images as well as individual data files and or databases.

Protect Your Data – Data traffic going to and from I-Evolve's Secure Cloud and our Global Cloud Provider is always encrypted. You may also request to have your backups encrypted at rest.

Data Retention –Recover servers or files for up to 1 year using GFS tiered retention policy (7 days, 4 weeks, 12 months and 1 year)

Managed Threat Response

  • MDR fuses machine learning technology and expert analysis for improved threat hunting and detection, deeper investigation of alerts, and targeted actions to eliminate threats with speed and precision.
  • XDR enabled products gives you access to even more visibility and context. With data from each product flowing into the Sophos Data Lake you can quickly find critical information and ensure you have the most complete view of your network.
  • Protection enabled on all I-Standby appliances

(Ask about our i-Protect managed endpoints as well as our i-Comply managed firewalls that integrate with MDR/XDR to complete your organization's security suite!)

SureBackups (Testing Component) Performs "live" VM Verification:

  • Scans the backed-up data for malware
  • Boots the VM from the backup in the isolated environment
  • Runs tests for the VM, powers the VM off
  • Creates a report on recovery verification results
  • Run manually or schedule it to run automatically by schedule