Cloud Technology Has Many Benefits

Peace of mind ranks near the top!

Cloud Solutions

IMAGINE being able to manage your business smarter, faster and with unparalleled flexibility.

Imagine how much simpler life would be if you never had to worry again about data loss, security, hardware issues or system meltdowns.

At I-Evolve, we make your imagination a reality.

We bring the benefits of cloud computing to your company in ways that give you the competitive edge you seek.  How we do it is what has earned us our reputation as a premier provider of cutting-edge business solutions.

I-Evolve technology offers many exciting benefits.  The one you may find most amazing is the peace of mind you get from knowing your information technology management just got a whole lot easier.

Our Cloud technology is customized to match your unique business needs. You can access it anywhere, anytime, including from your mobile devices. You can eliminate the need to invest in new infrastructure, license new software or hire and train employees to manage your systems. We do it all with just one call.

So sit back and relax.  We’ve got you covered. 

Cloud Technology is powerful, secure and reliable.

The Cloud is a state-of-the-art environment that hosts your servers, desktops, backups, VoIP and other technologies with integrated security, scalability and reliability.

I-Evolve's Cloud is better because we built it ourselves.

Our engineers understand the Cloud from the inside and out. Your private Cloud is maintained by experts who are available to serve you 24/7/365. Data stored in the Cloud is secure and we protect it further by allowing access only to our authorized in-house experts.

Cloud Technology can streamline your business procedures

  • System maintenance without service disruption
  • Predictable IT costs to better manage budgets
  • Support of multiple sites and remote employees for increased productivity
  • Flexibility of scale to evolve as your business changes
  • Having access anytime, anywhere, any place

Cloud Computing Advantages

  • Cost and Capital Expense Reduction
  • Connect Anywhere
  • No Management or IT Experience needed
  • Increased Computing Power / Resource Utilization
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Dynamic
  • Quality of Service

Cloud Computing Defined

Many people are confused as to what cloud computing is, especially since the term is often used to mean many things. Roughly, it describes highly scalable computing resources provided as an external service via the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. The cloud is simply a metaphor for the internet, based on the symbol used to represent the worldwide network in computer network diagrams.

The primary appeal of cloud computing is the economic benefits.  Cloud users have the flexibility to use only what they need and pay only for what they actually use. Resources are available to be accessed from the cloud at any time, and from any location via the internet. There’s no need to worry about how things are being maintained behind the scenes – you simply purchase the IT service you require as you would any other utility. Because of this, cloud computing has also been called utility computing, or ‘IT’ on demand’.

This web-based generation of computing utilizes remote servers housed in highly secure data centers for data storage and management which means businesses no longer need to purchase and look after their IT solutions in-house.