How Your Managed Antivirus Protects Your Business

Wednesday, September 9th

Every business works better when you can spend less time worrying and more time producing.

Many companies still use what could be considered the “old way” of protecting the computers on their office network. This outdated method of protecting office computers from viruses involves installing individual copies of antivirus software on each machine. This means that updates are the responsibility of each employee, and their frequency could vary depending on work schedules and individual diligence.

Requiring each employee to maintain their own antivirus programs is not the most efficient or effective way to keep your company data safe from viruses and malware. All it takes is for one person to have an outdated version for the entire company to be vulnerable to a breach.

Fortunately, you know that do-it-yourself antivirus software is not your only option. Managed antivirus software provides your business with consistent, reliable protection from viruses and malware. It also lifts the burden of maintaining updates from your employees.


What is Managed Antivirus?

Your managed antivirus is a centrally-managed software option that protects all of the computers at your business from virus threats. Because it updates programs automatically, your employees do not need to update or scan their machines on their own. Viruses and malware found by this software are immediately quarantined without requiring action from your staff. Everyone in your business has the most up-to-date versions at all times.

The “managed” part of managed antivirus means that your IT provider installs the software on your computers and other devices and schedules regular scans to check for issues. Your provider also makes sure your antivirus programs are updated and monitors the health of your network. That means you and your staff can focus on your business goals, knowing that someone is constantly monitoring your network.

Every business works better when you can spend less time worrying and more time producing.


Benefits of Managed Antivirus

Obviously, being able to focus on your core business without worrying about the security of your data is a win. But your managed antivirus solution has other benefits as well, including:

Central management – Entrusting your antivirus management to a single source means that every device in your system has the most current versions.

Consistent security – Your employees cannot turn off or uninstall a managed antivirus solution.

Continuous monitoring – Your service provider regularly scans your system and applies patches and updates behind the scenes.

Rapid response – Viruses and malware are a constant threat, and your service provider can address and remove these threats quickly.

Regular updates – System-wide updates of virus definitions happen automatically and routinely.

Cost-effective pricing – Per-user pricing of a single solution is typically more economical than individual licenses.


Why are Antivirus Updates So Important?

Individually-licensed antivirus solutions rely on users to manually update virus definitions or run virus scans. As long as these updates require this kind of action, there is potential for failure. Computer viruses spread quickly. They can ride along as an attachment to an email, or they can lie hidden on an innocent-looking web page. All it takes is for one person to click a link or download a file, and you’re in for a headache. One machine can infect your entire network.

Viruses and malware are dangerous because they are always changing. How widespread are these threats? Very! In fact, in 2017, malware variants increased by 88%. The cyber criminals who create these nasty bits of code are always looking for vulnerabilities, and they create viruses that can adapt quickly. That’s why it’s important to keep your virus definitions updated. If you rely on individuals to keep their antivirus software updated, you are tempting fate. Not everyone will update on the same schedule. It’s far safer to entrust this important task to a service provider who will manage security updates in a timely manner.


How Often Should You Scan for Viruses?

Now that you have managed antivirus software, you don’t have to ask that question. (Smart.) Instead of running individual updates whenever you have a free hour (like in December… or maybe February?) your service provider runs virus scans during downtime. Every computer is scanned and virus definitions are updated at the same time. This ensures that everyone is up to date and not spreading malware without anyone realizing it.

Additionally, your managed antivirus provides global notifications if a virus is detected and removed from your network. You also have the ability to evaluate and report trends, which is helpful in determining if your staff requires additional data security training. (Proactive and super smart.)


Choosing the Right Managed Antivirus Solution

If you are reading this and haven't yet chosen your managed antivirus partner, I-Evolve Technology Services works with businesses of all kinds to help them develop strong network security. Our team can give you advice on how to secure your network, laptops, and even your employees’ cell phones. We have a number of solutions we can recommend that can grow with your business as well as provide ongoing virus protection. Moving away from individually licensed antivirus programs will help your team work together more efficiently and make your company more secure. Want to know more? Contact us!