The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Support

Monday, May 17th

Businesses in Buffalo, NY have found that partnering their IT department with an outside IT Services provider has many advantages.

“Technostress” is now a significant concern for staff at many companies. The uptick of new technology services and solutions has many employees confused by complexity and frustrated by fragmentation — and it’s even worse for IT teams.


Think about it: Not only are in-house technology teams required to understand new IT initiatives, but they’re also responsible for deploying them at scale, managing their security and ensuring they deliver ROI — all while working through an ever-growing list of day-to-day tasks.


The result? Your IT teams need help that solves current issues without introducing new stress. Co-managed IT support from I-Evolve gives your local staff the best of both worlds. Instead of simply taking over IT, our experts combine forces with your technology pros to deliver agile, adaptable and actionable outcomes.


Consider Co-Managed IT Solutions

Fully managed IT services often focus on shifting responsibility for key tasks away from local IT teams. While this streamlines operations, it can also frustrate staff who feel like they’re losing control of critical functions such as security, integration and access management.


Co-managed services take a different approach. Instead of supplanting IT professionals in specific areas, our experts partner with technology teams to identify areas of concern, create custom strategies and identify best-fit solutions and services. This allows your IT staff to align technology services with business strategies by keeping tasks in-house or assigning them out on demand.


While every co-managed provider is different, common service categories include:

  • Strategic development: IT teams are now an essential part of long-term business strategy. Our experts can help your company develop best-fit strategies that combine talent and technology to deliver measurable, reliable outcomes.
  • Active automation: It’s easy for IT staff to get overwhelmed by the combination of current tasks and upcoming technology deployments. By automating key functions such as routine maintenance and reporting, co-managed IT solutions give your teams what they need most: time.
  • On-demand expertise: When you need help, we’re here. Access to a large, highly skilled IT department makes it easy to get the expertise you need, when you need it.
  • Advanced technology access: From asset management to customer service to device life-cycle management software and solutions, co-managed IT lets your team access cutting-edge tools capable of handling enterprise needs at scale.
  • Workload distribution: Even out your workload with access to experienced IT staff. From dedicated help desks to 24/7 monitoring, co-managed solutions give your IT teams the ability to better distribute critical tasks.
  • Gap coverage: Even the best IT teams suffer expert attrition as employees move to new jobs. Teams also face the workload challenges that come with employee vacations or staff calling in sick. Co-managed support bridges the gap by complementing your existing team with experts who act as an extension of your IT department.