I get phone service through my internet provider. Why should I switch to a Hosted VoIP system?

If you have phone service through your internet provider, you probably don’t see much of a functionality difference between standard copper telephone lines and internet digital voice service. Hosted VoIP changes everything!  Hosted VoIP is  more powerful, functional and secure.  That’s what Hosted VoIP offers.

In event of a power or local internet outage, your current digital  phone service shuts down, making it impossible to make or answer calls.  For businesses, this can spell disaster.  A VoIP system continues to run safely in the cloud allowing callers to leave voice mail messages or even relay to a mobile phone if power is lost or internet service is interrupted.  Hosted VoIP technology can keep your business up and running when the unexpected happens.

Hosted VoIP systems also offer an array of customizable self-service features that can provide your business with value-added benefits at little or no additional cost.

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