What is DNS and what is the difference between DNS hosting and WEB hosting?

DNS is a great feature that simplifies the internet for users.  Every website has an IP address, i.e. – 12.345.567.89.  Without DNS, if you wanted to visit a website, you would need to type in the actual numerical address.  With DNS, you can just type Google, Yahoo or i-evolve.com and be taken directly to those websites.

Website hosting provides storage space for a website and provides it with an IP address.  Your website hosting service enters your IP address into the DNS system.  When someone browses to your website, they enter your domain name - www.yourwebsite.com - into their browser.  Their web browser then goes to the hosting provider and pulls up the web pages from the server.


Ideally, the three fundamental parts – domain registrar, DNS Host and Web Host are all managed by the same company.  When websites change or move to other hosts, it’s important to always have administrative access and correct contact information for the domain registration where the domain is located.  

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