Why is my VoIP quality poor?

If your VoIP quality is bad, it's probably because of provider error.  At I-Evolve, we take pride in the exceptional quality and reliability of our VoIP systems.

When quality suffers, it's usually the result of "packet loss" or "latency" issues.  Packet loss is when information is dropped or lost and the symptoms are typically when parts of the call cuts out.  Latency is the delay between when one person speaks and the other person hears the sounds.  If this delay is too long, the conversation becomes almost impossible to carry on.  Both issues are extremely aggravating and totally avoidable.

When packet loss or latency issues arise, the source of the problem is usually because of a poor internet connection, incorrect system set-up, or inferior or malfunctioning equipment.  

All VoIP systems are not the same so it's important to know the differences.  At I-Evolve, we've built our reputation upon providing VoIP quality that is recognized as the standard of excellence in our industry.

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