What is Cloud Computing?

If you ask ten people what Cloud Computing is, chances are good you’ll get ten different explanations with each one of them leaving you a bit confused.  While Cloud Computing technology can be complex, what it is and what it does is amazingly simple.  It’s accessing and storing your programs and data from the internet instead of from your computer hard drive.

Cloud Computing allows people and businesses to operate with greater efficiencies.  Instead of being tied down to a stand-alone computer or in-house business network, Cloud Computing enables you to access your programs and information anywhere, anytime with utmost convenience, security and economy.

Cloud Computing has many advantages. It can keep your data safe from loss caused by user errors, accidents or disasters.  It can be scaled to your unique needs, thus saving you money since you pay only for what you require – no more, no less.  It also allows all your different devices – computers, tablets and smart phones – to seamlessly sync with each other so people can communicate easily regardless of what equipment they are using.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not you’ll utilize Cloud Computing.  It’s how soon and how smartly you put the power of the Cloud to work for you and your company.

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