Tuesday, May 26th

(Or “It’s been so long, does anyone remember how the coffee machine works?”)

The time has come-

As Commissioner Gordon lit the sky to signal Batman….

As the Gondor signal fires alerted Rohan…

As the Boston Lighthouse Committee signaled the Revolutionary soldiers…..

Our Government has signaled us to prepare to return to the workplace.


Perhaps your first thought is regarding the current location of any clothing that are not pajamas.  

Or thinking how guilty you’ll feel leaving the dog home alone (the cat will be thrilled.)


Before all that, you need to think about the risks involved with employees bringing back to work the computers and laptops they were working with at home.

How safe are they?

Cyber Hackers in recent months have focused their attacks on home networks, knowing that’s where most of us are, and betting that the home network security is more lax than at the office or workplace.


This week’s tips to provide best protection against cyber-attacks-

  • Have a managed Antivirus endpoint on machine that provides multiple layers of protection.
  • Clear browser cache regularly-saved searches, cookies, and history could reveal personal data hackers can use against you.
  • Use long, complex Passwords. No pets or kids names!
  • Change Passwords often.
  • Do not use same Password for different logins.
  • Do not save Password in Browser when prompted.
  • Change your Windows update to Automatic-ensuring you’ll always have the latest patches and upgrades.
  • Oh, and the Wi-Fi you’re using? If you kept the default password your internet provider assigned to it-CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY. Why do you want them to still have it?
  • Public Wi-Fi?  NO-It only takes a moment for a hacker to access your personal accounts. Unless you are protected by an effective VPN, you may as well email your bank credentials to


I hope these tips helped, and got you thinking about what else you need to do to protect yourself and your company. (Oh there’s more-I promise you.)

Next week- How to prevent viruses from traveling (without putting a mask on your laptop.)


by Rick McCumber