7 Compelling Reasons to Monitor your Network

Thursday, August 27th
When's the last time you took stock of your entire IT network?

Your customers are the heart of your business. Your staff, service, and product are the muscles. Your data is the brain. And your network is the circulatory system. Without optimal connections and network performance, everything else will suffer. If everything fails, the heart will too. And if that goes, then there’s nothing left. The best way to keep your network at peak performance is Network Monitoring. Here are 7 of the benefits monitoring your network can provide:

1.Creation of a Network Map

The core of monitoring is built around a visual representation of your systems. This allows you to have an accurate picture of where everything is located, where it originates, and what connections exist. This big picture view helps you assess problem areas easier as well as facilitate simpler re-org efforts when they are needed. Having a network diagram as part of your documentation helps you pinpoint and diagnose problems sooner.

2.Constant Awareness without Constant Effort

Network monitoring is not people assigned specifically watch the network 24/7. It is an automated system that catches issues and sends notification alerts when performance thresholds are exceeding or failing set goals.

3.Quick Location of Problematic Units

Instead of guessing and assuming that you know which cog in the machine is likely causing a delay, network monitoring creates performance maps that show you specifically where the hold-up is.

4.Allows You to See the Future

Well, maybe not exactly see the future, but to plan for it. As staffing and business grow, you can use monitoring to see where your bandwidth levels need expansion to support that growth.

5.Security, Security, Security

There is nothing more important than keeping your data and network safe from intrusion. Automated monitoring can give you immediate notice to security breaches. With malware threats growing and changing every day, this ability to proactively detect and solve problems before they affect your business is crucial.

6.Can’t Monitor What You Don’t Measure, and You Can’t Measure without Monitoring

Any fan of data can tell you, the only way to get better is to know where you started, where you are today, and all the info in between. Monitoring allows you to have reliable and regular stats to help you understand where you succeed and where you fail. When upgrades or changes are needed, you’ll also know what the ideal (i.e. low traffic) times are to make them.

7.BYOD Brings Its Own Headaches

Of course you need to monitor all of your own tech that’s on your network, but we live in a world where everybody’s wired. Smart phones, tablets, and a host of other devices being used by your staff can be sucking up your bandwidth. You may have great security measures installed, but maybe they don’t. With monitoring, you’ll know.

If you’re not equipped to monitor your business’ network on your own, find a trusted partner to do so for you.   I-Evolve offers i-Monitor, a managed network monitoring service.  Learn more about i-Monitor by clicking here.