Gain Control To Stop Spam At The Server

I-Evolve's i-Filter is the most powerful enterprise anti-spam solution available - providing efficient filtering of spam and viruses at the server. i-Filter effectively stops 98% of spam before it reaches your network, while never discarding a valid message. With systematic updates, you save significant time and effort involved in maintaining complex, heuristic rule sets commonly used for identifying spam.

i-Filter is designed for complex environments where global spam protection policies must be balanced with an individual's ability to have the final decision over what is and is not spam. It provides the ability for end users to manage their own settings and options. As a service-based solution, independent of your in-house email platform, i-Filter dramatically reduces the volume of unwanted and unsolicited email and provides an additional layer of virus protection.

How Email Spam Filtering Works

With i-Filter, you'll never worry again about the security of corporate e-mail routed through third-party servers, unnecessary features, rules that don't match your own policies, complicated administration or the possibility of losing a valid message. i-Filter lets you stop spam on YOUR terms!


With i-Filter, you can have as much – or as little – involvement in spam/virus management as you like, giving you a 'hands-on' or 'hands-off' approach to managing junk e-mail. i-Filter enables a business to configure global mail filtering policies, then delegate spam management to individual department heads, business units, satellite offices and even individual end users.

Users can choose to merely tag spam, opt-out of spam scanning completely, or to take full control over spam scanning with whitelists, blacklists, greylists and custom rules. All user interaction is through a simple, easy-to-use web-based interface.

Scalable Architecture

The i-Filter architecture is highly scalable and SMP-efficient. It is proven in installations of one to 120,000+ users.

Intuitive Technology

Administrative and end-user interfaces are simple and intuitive, providing centralized access to all spam management tasks. As time goes by, i-Filter collects statistics about what is and is not considered spam, building up even greater resistance to spam over time. i-Filter also includes per user Bayesian filtering, which provides users (or groups of users) the ability to customize their filters to recognize what they consider to be spam in addition to the global spam definition rulesets.

Advanced Spam Detection

i-Filter utilizes a variety of techniques including keyword search, header analysis, message format analysis, Bayesian statistical analysis, blacklists, whitelists, greylists, open proxy lists, DNS verification, SpamAssassin™ content-filtering rules, sender policy framework (SPF), custom rules and more.

Spam Filter Results

Response Options & User Controls

Tag, quarantine, return or block spam – it's your choice. Users can manage how mail is detected as spam, if it is to be automatically rejected (discarded), held in a trap or tagged and passed through. Users also can manage their own rules for whitelisting, blacklisting, content filtering, DNSBLs, Bayesian settings and so on. Administrators also have the option to set permissions that restrict the settings users can access.

Business Benefits

  • No hardware or software to install.
  • No maintenance requirements.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Customizable and scalable spam and virus protection.


  • Web Interface
  • Spam Detection
  • Hit-and-run Detection
  • Per-user Bayesian Filtering
  • Automatic spam and virus updates
  • Incoming and Outgoing mail fltering

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