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Professional SEO Buffalo, NY

I-Evolve has specialized SEO marketing consultants and programmers available to bring traffic to your site that you need to succeed in The Cloud. We have on-site training facilities in Buffalo, NY to train you or your staff to learn the latest techniques in the industry.

SEO DiagramProfessional SEO is a process that takes time to build and develop. We offer a one-year or a one-time quick submit package. All of our additional SEO services are based on a six-month minimum service agreement. Quality targeted traffic takes time to build and cultivate. We can provide onsite training in and around Buffalo NY and have never had a single incident where a client did not see a substantial increase in traffic and sales.

We guarantee results

No one can guarantee you the top position in Google or Yahoo or any other search engine. If someone does claim they can get you a number 1 spot, they are either using paid placement (Pay-Per-Click) or they are misrepresenting their service. Search engines produce results based on complex algorithms; no one can override those functions. We can and do guarantee that we will increase your traffic and move you higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS). While we do not guarantee what position we can get your site, we have been able to get every one of our clients into the top 3 positions for one or more of their targeted search terms on Google and or Yahoo and Bing.


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