(Or “It’s been so long, does anyone remember how the coffee machine works?”)
Earth Day 2020
Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020 at Home
Cloud Computing Cares for the Earth
Cloud Computing is not only cost efficient and flexible, but it's also environmentally friendly.
Coronavirus Aid
Businesses can potentially benefit from the wide array of programs, loans and grants available via the CARES Act for emergency assistance.
Working from Home in Western New York
An interview with Kevin Kelly, President of I-Evolve, about how businesses around Western NY are coping with their new remote work environment.
We Continue to Be Here to Support Your Business
The health, safety and overall well being of our customers, family and friends is always our top priority, and we remain committed to providing you with the same, high-quality service as we always have.
Protect Your At-Home Network – 10 Steps You Should Take
I know my data is protected at work. But now that I’m working from home, am I still protected? If your home has network connected devices—such as routers, computers, smartphones, and Wi-Fi-enabled baby monitors and cameras— then you really need to evaluate your home network security.
Strategies to Build an Effective Remote Workforce
The popularity of remote work has increased steadily since 2005. Per Global Workplace Analytics, the latest in telecommuting statistics state that: "Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed population, has grown by 115% since 2005, nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce."