Monday, June 1st

Or “Who sat in my chair and adjusted it while I gone?!”

Have you made that list of what to do when you return to the office or workplace?  

Here are some examples to help you:

  • Come to grips with the fact that your alarm clock is no longer a “suggestion”.
  • Prepare to spend the first week deleting all those “out of office” replies.
  • Pretend to remember that you know what it is you do there.


Before any of that, here are some more tips to protect you and your data from hackers:


1.    Always lock your screen or device if left un-attended.  Have it set up to automatically lock when not in use.  It is one thing to leave your car unlocked and put your belongings at risk, but when you’re also putting at risk your coworkers’ and your company’s belongings, do the smart thing and lock it.

2.    Avoid the use of USB sticks and don’t use random Thumb Drives.  There have been too many examples of such devices being infested with malware.  You only use your own toothbrush don’t you?

3.    Use secure remote access tools like a corporate VPN as opposed to using Team Viewer or Log Me In.  Make sure your IT team is limiting access over VPN to only needed servers or services to minimize risk. Critical data can be lost if the wrong employee is in the wrong application and accidently changes or deletes something.  And do not shop or check your social media or any other personal online errands that could put your work network at risk.  “Um, well boss, I was only downloading some cute puppy videos from you tube when everything went blank….”

 When you are in your work network, confine your tasks to work.

4.    Keep Work Data only on Work Computers. Do not store work data on your personal devices.

5.    Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) when available for all of your Remote Access VPN, Bank, and other Cloud Applications.  I know it’s an extra step….that’s what makes it more secure!


Thank you for reading Return to the Workplace Part 2, and look for Part 3, where we discuss why that email for the no bake cheesecake recipe you opened from Aunt Jean’s neighbor’s hairdresser brought your entire network to a screeching halt.