Press Release

I-Evolve Introduces Powerful Business - Class VoIP and PBX Hosting Solutions

Powerful Business - Class VoIP
I-Evolve's innovative business-class VoIP solution can help transform your company's communication-simply, easily, and affordably. With VoIP, your phone calls are sent over high-speed or broadband internet connection and then connected to the public phone system (PSTN) via our data center, eliminating the need for local and long distance service. With I-Evolve VoIP, small and medium sized businesses can now enjoy the same services that have been traditionally priced for larger companies, without investing in expensive hardware. For companies with multiple locations, you can enjoy these benefits without expansive interconnections among sites or hardware at each location required by traditional PBX's. Reduce your costs by up to 40%, simplify administration and management and increase employee productivity.

Key Benefits To VoIP: