Press Release

In an ongoing effort to improve our service, we would like to update you on the process of placing a service call with I-Evolve Technology Services.

If you are experiencing a problem that requires support from our Tech Team, please call 505-8324 and speak with our Customer Support Team. They will assist you in getting a service ticket started for your issue. They will need to know as much detail as you can offer on the issue so they can fully prepare the technician for the call. Once the ticket is entered, they will schedule and dispatch a technician in a timely fashion.

Enclosed is a business card with the pertinent information you will need when placing a service call. Please distribute to the person who is authorized to schedule service for your organization. We hope that by defining this process we will be able to accommodate your needs more effectively.

In other I-Evolve News…

As always, your continued business is vital to our success and your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.