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Computer Security Consulting

I-Evolve has been involved in computer security for many years, and has a core team of individuals that keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities, exploits, and prevention measures. Whether the security issues are internal, public, server related or software related, I-Evolve can provide protection, detection, recovery and investigation.

Minimize the Risks to Your Data, Network, and Users

For businesses a security strategy may consist of a firewall and antivirus software. While that may have been adequate several years ago, a good security strategy should be multi-layered. If your company is connected to the Internet, that alone makes you a target for hackers, network attacks, malware downloads from insecure browsing and viruses sent via email.

I-Evolve recommends a multi-layer strategy based on Defense in Depth:

Each layer builds upon the previous one and if a layer is "skipped" then your company is vulnerable and at risk. Ideally your company implements each of these layers for a secure network and computing environment, however, it may be cost prohibitive.

I-Evolve can assist you in determining the best security strategy for your company that minimizes the risks to your data, network and users.

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