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E-Marketing + SEO

Plan - Developed Just For You
An SEO marketing plan is more than search engine optimization and email marketing. Once a TARGETED visitor is at your site you need to capture their contact information and convert them into customers. You will need web based request forms, newsletter sign-up forms, and landing pages to do that. Maybe you need a pay-per-click program. How will your conversion process work?

We are New York based that can put it all together for you in an E-Marketing Plan customized for your needs and budget.

To measure visitor traffic and responses, and help refine the process we offer several visitor analysis tools with our hosting plans, as well as periodic Evaluation and Analysis Services.

To get the maximum return on your web site investment, your site needs to be a cornerstone of your marketing program. A continuous, coordinated web marketing effort will ensure a recurring return. You've taken the first step by building a quality web site. Taking that next step only makes sense.

Marketing is many things - branding, pricing, promotion, channels, planning, communications, and so on. We know because we have years of experience in marketing highly technical products and services.

Our offerings harness the communication power of the web to fill-in the gaps of your advertising, direct mail, lead-generation, and customer relations programs affordably and efficiently.

Drive, Capture, Convert, Measure, Refine
Online marketing is not about getting more visitors to your web site. It's about getting "qualified" prospects who can be converted into repeat customers. That is the key to increasing sales and profit. We offer highly cost-effective programs to drive and support this entire process.

Get the Search Engine Position You Deserve
People use Search Engines to find solutions to their problems. There is no better source for targeting prospects who need you now!

We improve your web site's ranking in the most popular search engines by using competitive research, statistical analysis of keywords, sophisticated software and "thinking like a customer in need". This is "not" simply submitting your pages to hundreds of search engines. This is a highly technical process to Drive more qualified traffic to your site by optimizing your pages for improved rankings in the most popular Search Engines.

Email Marketing Services
Studies show that customers want to be contacted by their suppliers. Email marketing allows organizations to do just that by proactively reaching their target audience. We provide everything you need to conduct personalized, permission-based email marketing programs, or we can do it all for you.

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