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Evaluation & Consulting for The Cloud

Need a new website? Not sure where to start? I-EVOLVE CAN HELP.
As your online business grows, your success will hinge on the reliability and speed of your servers and their connection to the Internet. Tn today's e-commerce, there is no room for downtime. I-Evolve can speed up your website and separate you from the competition. Need a place to host your site in the cloud?

Who We Are
I-Evolveā€™s website team consists of project managers, programmers, developers, designers and system engineers. We have an insatiable curiosity for all things web related. We have successfully built and manage hundreds of websites hosted in our secure data center. In addition to building standard content websites, we have built completely customized functionality and websites for customers in a variety of fields.

How We Can Help You
Our website evaluation includes working with you to identify your target audience and goals for your online presence. This discussion can help you think differently about and identify what you want your website to do for your business. Whether starting small and growing later, or starting with a complete redesign, we can guide you on how to build your website to meet your goals.

The Tools for Success: CMS
Our i-Content Content Management System (CMS) is a modular foundation that allows your website to grow as your company grows. With easy in-place editing, i-Content CMS puts control in your hands to make updates at any time.

We can work with you to determine what additional functionality can enhance your website. For example, maybe your website should feature a news section. These are helpful to increase user engagement and returning visitors, as long as it is frequently updated.

Top Notch Support
While our i-Content CMS gives you a great deal of control over your site, we are always here to assist with any issues you have, and can advise you at any time if you find your business goals have changed. We are here to help.

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