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Site Development for The Cloud

I-Evolve utilizes a robust Content Management System (CMS) to build our websites, putting much of the control of the site into your hands after your website launches.

Historically, website development, publishing and management have required significant technical skills – html, php, asp, etc. A good content management system (CMS) allows non-technical authors and editors to publish, edit, and modify website content quickly and easily. With established publishing processes and consistent information architecture, multiple users can manage your website, allowing you to get content published faster. Obviously, the quicker you can get key content published, the more value it creates. Our goal was to create a user friendly CMS that was flexible, intuitive and leveraged the cloud like our other services. Our i-Content CMS does just that.

With a feature-rich base, much of what you need is standard to the website functionality. Slideshows, YouTube video integration, standard forms and Word-type editors are part of the base system and require no additional fees. The ability to manage meta information (for Search Engine Optimization) is also standard to our i-Content CMS.

Additionally, we have the ability to add functionality to your website to meet most any need – whether it be social media integration, calendar functionality, news, events, photo galleries or other displays. We customize each option to match the look and feel of your website, and our i-Content CMS makes it easy for you to maintain your content in-house. Check out the full list of features at our demo site.

I-Evolve is also well versed in mobile functionality and building responsive websites. This relatively new approach has become popular as the wide variety of screen sizes used to access the internet has and continues to change. Talk with us about this exciting new approach to make your site look and perform the best it can regardless of platform or device.

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