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Disaster Recovery Services

I-Evolve offers RELIABILITY & REDUNDANCY with multiple secure data centers.

Proper planning for a possible power outage, fire, floor or other type of disaster is essential. These damaging situations in which you would need to recover data for your everyday business require expertise. I-Evolve is focused on providing simplified yet comprehensive contingency and recovery plans. Whether you require aide in the planning or executing, we can serve as a guide for your emergency and contingency planning or be your complete recovery solution.

Disaster Recovery Planning: Does your company have a plan to secure your business continuity should a fire, flood or unforeseen computer crisis arise? Crisis management should be a top priority for every business. We offer recovery planning, validating and consulting so everyday disasters will not interrupt your business.

Office Data Replication: I-Evolve´s online backup service cloud helps protect your business by sending copies of your critical data files to our secure offsite data storage cloud facility every night. Our online backup system is automatic, affordable, and secure. Your most valuable business asset will always be safe, even if your computers are not.

Cold-site and Hot-site Server Recovery: A mirror of your IT system will be located at the I-Evolve Data Center. When the production system goes down, services will be switched to the mirrored site. Servers can be either dedicated or virtual with recovery time measured in minutes not days.

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I-Vault (Backup)
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