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Cloud Offsite Backup (I-Vault)

Automatic, remote, and secure I-Evolve's Off-Site Backup works over the Internet to back up key data, on an automated, scheduled basis. You can select the files to be backed up, schedule the backup and the data is sent over the Internet to a secure facility. Don't forget to backup your remote locations. Our desktop and laptop backup solution are ideal for remote office locations, users who travel frequently, telecommuters and contractors. Too often, companies neglect data stored on laptop or desktop computers; they only focus on data stored on the server.

Do you have a business continuity self-defense strategy?
As part of your business continuity strategy for your critical server data, I-Evolve can create a solution that provides continuous data protection on-site with an off-site component that backs up at a scheduled interval, so your data backup jobs will not slow down or interrupt your day-to-day operations.

Quick data recovery is the key to minimizing productivity losses or business disruption. Our off-site backup solutions allow you to retrieve your data 24/7, because it is stored and encrypted in a secure vault. All you need is access to the Internet.

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